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Uncle Tinder is back

Uncle Tinder and Pratiba came home from India last night. They have been away for five weeks and I haven´t missed them. At least not Uncle Tinder. Of course they invited me over, they had brought gifts form my family, so I went. Pratiba gave me a box of cakes my mother had made me. As a little boy in Calcutta they used to my favourite food (well, not as much as Chicken Tandoori). The cakes are extremely sweet, and when I took a bite I immediately fell into a "suddenly-diabetes" experience ! After two cups of tea I went home and took Bollocks for a walk. I fed him one of the cakes from my mother and he seemed to enjoy it.

When I came home at night LC had eaten six or seven of the cakes. His eyes were wide open and he talked like a mad man. Apparently he had got a "sugar-fix" from the cakes, and was practically high on sugar. 


The Darjeling