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New years resolutions

Less than weeks into 2011 and all of my new years resolutions are broken. The first resoluton I broke was the one where I intended to take Bollocks for a walk every morning at 06.00 o´clock. I broke that resolution 01.01.2011. at 09.48 o´clock... Bollocks didn´t seem to care. The two other resolutions was ; no coke during the weekdays, and only two pastameals pr. week. So far I´ve had 13 coke-boxes, and pasta 7 times.

Tonight I´m eating with Lisa for the first time for more than a week. She has been in Spain on a mini-holiday. She came home yesterday, looking better than ever. Fit (as always), tan and lots of freckles because of the sun. I barely can stand looking at her...

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A brief recap