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Dev Singh... Soho living

Geir Werner Hagen

Dev Singh har sagt at han vil skrive mer i bloggen sin fordi han har " ...a lot on my mind that must be aired".

Dette har han sagt noen ganger de siste åra uten at det har blitt noe av det. Vi får se. Her en post fra 2006:


Soho march 19 - 2006

Luigi and me saw Brokeback Mountain again tonight. Luigi asked me if I would go with him cuz he didn´t like to go alone. I had no plausible reason to say no, so I went. I take this as another sign of his homosexuality, and another step to get out of the closet. I´m only 99% sure, so don´t dare to ask him straight(!) up ; " Are you gay?" yet.  One day I will have the courage.

On another note ; I said in an earlier post that I was not in love with Lisa, only in lust. That´s a damn lie ! I love her too !!! My hormons are going mad !



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