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I want to be able to advertise myself as an Squarespace expert (I am), but I have to make a certain amount og sites per year to achieve that status from Squarespace (wich is totally OK) - That´s why I will give 50 percent off to clients in a limited timeframe, starting mid-march.

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I help time-pressed entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers build and maintain their Squarespace websites so that their online presence supports their business goals.

Choose from 1:1 Squarespace training and consulting on Zoom or *One-week-website™ with me. Whichever you pick, you’ll have a website that converts visitors to leads and showcases your authority, sooner rather than later.


So, you´re an entrepeneur, a consultant or any kind of DIYer - and you need a website to presnet your business and sell whatever lovely products you offer;

You have chosen Squarespace as your preferred website platfoprm for your project - so far so good!

The only problem is that designing and setting up a website is not just a walk in the park, it can be frustrating and numbing and it stops you from doing the work that actually pays.

Let´s NOT go that route - leave it to me to make your website, be it a portfoilio, a webshop or a blog - even better all of them in one easy to manage pack.



A fully working, SEO ready website in one week. Guaranteed!








I´ve been on Squarespace since 2004 - it´s practically in my DNA!

Ask me technical questions, to build a site, webdesign or for an estimate.

No task too big and no task too small (seriously)!

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