A day in the life

Dette er en re-posting av et av Dev Singhs blogginnlegg fra 2006. Jeg ble kjent med ham gjennom hans far, Bakthev Singh, som lever og jobber i en mega-suburb utenfor Mumbai. Han jobber som såkalt code-monky. Altså, de sitter der nede med sine lynskarpe hjerner og koder nettsider, databaser og svære systemer for oss, for en fjerdel av prisen. Gjennom studier på Universitet kom vi i kontakt via internett (vi har aldri møttes på ordentlig). 

Dette samarbeidet er avsluttet nå, men vi intrikate veier, som jeg MÅ skrive om en gang, kom jeg i kontakt med hans sønn Dev som hadde flyttet til slektninger i London. Lang historie kort (foreløpig) jeg endte opp med å publisere bloggen hans, siden han ikke visste hvrodan han skulle gjøre det. Han sendte meg med uregelmessige mellomrom noen Word-filer som jeg så lagde en blogg av. 

Her er en post han skrev en gang i 2006; 


Something surreal happened to me today. Since it was my day off I had been on a long walk with Bollocks and now locked him in at home. On my way back to the park for a coffe and todays Times I was hijacked by a chiq-looking woman on Basker Street. She offered me a nice buffet and whatever I wanted to drink if I would fill a seat in the audience at a talkshow. I saw the skies were getting grey so I accepted her offer and she led me trough a dark alley and into a small studio. Two politcicians from our district ( I didn´t recognize either of them) was about to discuss some issues I never got to understand. Anyway, the audience consisted of me and five other shady characters that was most likely hijacked like me, and three women who was going to argue with the two politicians. Before the discussion started we were told to not look in the cameras, but look like we were extremely engaged in the topic discussed ( I still don´t know what it was about ) - I can tell you the name of at least one person that constantly took sneakpeaks in the different cameras (hint :me) The guy sittin next to me wasn´t much better, he obviously was a narcoleptic, and kept falling in and out of sleep and slewing on my shoulder.
The much coveted buffet was actually quite nice. We all ate as much as we could and had champagne and coke to drink.
Christine and me watched the show at eight and it was absolutely horrific! I was looking into the cameras, like I didn´t have a clue about what was going on in the studio ( well, I didn´t), and the narcoleptic leaned on my shoulder each time he fell into a quick sleep. Christine laughed so hard she had to go to the bathroom...
Large Clive has asked us to take care of Bollocks for two more weeks, as his mother still can´t walk. This time I said yes for the both of us ( me and Christine that is ). The dog has actually growed on me, and I kind of like having him around.Despite his constant bad breath. 


Les mer på Dev Singhs blogg. 


Geir Werner Hagen