Writing my way out of writers block


Husker ikke passordet til Medium-kontoen min så mellomlagrer en tekst fra 2015 her.
Forøvrig er bloggen under total redesign, så den vil være like rotete som den pleier å være fremover...


(This is actually part of that exercise)

I´ve tried for years to write a novel. Actually many novels, for many years.

It usually starts like this:At times I read more books and magazines than I do anything else, except sleeping and eating perhaps. Then, when I read a very inspiring book or essay, I get the urge to write myself.  The notion that there is a novel "in me". But let me start somewhere else;

I have my own blog, of course. I started it in 2005 and it was meant as a digital time capsule that me and my family could enjoy. Even if it started out as a kind of scrapbook it also gave me the means to write some long post,  small essays actually. I would write about how to make the best caffe latte, or how and when to prune your appletrees, why I preferred tubular wheels over clinchers, listening to movies instead of watching them and so on. A lot of topics.
This was so enjoyable that I did a lot such writing. For a while.
Then I started to repeat myself, or I started on a post and never ended it. Suddenly most of my posts ended with “more to come…”. But it never, er, came.

Then I began to post pictures I´d taken, or some pictures of great designstuff. Then for a while, I posted quotes, small snippets of sound or some poems. (Poems by William Blake over and over). My own writing just kind of stopped. So instead I used a lot of time deciding wich fonts to use, buying distraction free writing apps and I used a lot of time tweking the CSS to get the right look on the blog. But still very little writing occurred.

(All this time I spent in front of my iMac or the Macbook Pro probably gave me a slight tinnitus beacuse of the way I sat in my chair).

Then something happened. I got this idea that all I needed to do was to just pour it out. Write, write, write. Just start and don´t end. I call it free-associations-writing: Just start out and try to write down your exact thoughts at the moment. For any aspiring writer this may work. Essays, novels, articles or blogposts. Try it out.

There will be a lot of seemingly distractions; checking e-mail, the online newspapers, putting on music, making tea or coffe and what not. That´s ok. Just keep writing. Always go back the keyboard and get it out.

I started this little post telling you how many times I had started on a novel. I will write more about that later…

More to come…

(edit 2018: Oh, the irony on that last line)


Om å være høflig


"Politeness buys you time. It leaves doors open. I’ve met so many people whom, if I had trusted my first impressions, I would never have wanted to meet again. And yet — many of them are now great friends. I have only very rarely touched their hair."


Det skrives mye på Medium. Sikkert for mye, men av og til bobler gode essay frem gjennom et intrikat stemme-system og jeg kommer over godt skrevne artikler. Denne som handler om høflighet og vennlighet var verdt å lese. Sjekk den ut på Medium.