New years resolutions


Less than weeks into 2011 and all of my new years resolutions are broken. The first resoluton I broke was the one where I intended to take Bollocks for a walk every morning at 06.00 o´clock. I broke that resolution 01.01.2011. at 09.48 o´clock... Bollocks didn´t seem to care. The two other resolutions was ; no coke during the weekdays, and only two pastameals pr. week. So far I´ve had 13 coke-boxes, and pasta 7 times.

Tonight I´m eating with Lisa for the first time for more than a week. She has been in Spain on a mini-holiday. She came home yesterday, looking better than ever. Fit (as always), tan and lots of freckles because of the sun. I barely can stand looking at her...

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A brief recap


I really think it´s necessary with a brief recap of  my life since I last wrote on the blog...

I am still working at the Darjeeling, the same goes for Lisa. She is now the manager. Bollocks still lives with me and Lisa in her appartment, and Luigi now drives a cab.

Luigi has stayed off liquer for almost a year, thanks to AA. He has also converted to judaism, but struggles a bit with the sabbath-thing cuz he always drives his cab at weekends.

I am tired, so won´t write more now. I haven´t had a good night sleep in weeks cuz Bollocks has developed diabetes, wich forces him to pee every second hour or so. Minimum. I love the lazy eyed mungrel, but I don´t know how much longer I can keep on walk him 3 or 4 times every night...

Blogging again!


I haven´t been blogging in over a years time, but Geir told me I should start up again, and here I am.

A lot has happenedm and I do look forward to fill you in in that. The three most persons in my life now is, Bollocks (the dog with the lazy eye), Lisa (godess) and Luigi (best friend, still "in the closet")

I´ll tell you more the following days. I will be writing here on Geirs blog, then he can help me if there´s any trouble.

Come back soon !



I´ve developed a bad habit watching om Lisas computer at night. I esecially enjoy digging for musicvideos, and about aweek ago I stumbled upon the song "Electrical Storm" with irish group U2. The video is featuring the beautiful Samantha Morton ( I found her name after some intense searching on Google). She is so beautiful and I´ve got a crush on hger, much like I had with Nigella... I still have this fear of dying young (and neary a virgin) so I am considering to go to sleep with the first woman I meet that is willing and able ! This, I guess, excludes Lisa, but the new girl at The Darjeling, Wendy, has shown a great deal of interest in me. (Lisa says) She has wonderful breasts and is quite pretty I think, so what more could I ask for ? Well, dear diary, I lack the courage to ask her out. I might have to ask Lisa to do it for me, but that wouldn´t be very "manly" ?

Oh joy !

Oh Joy ! OH rapture ! My rectal functions are working again ! It´s been 8 days wiyhout getting any poop out , and finally today it came out ! Lots of little "beans" and ...

Christmas letter


I am writing this in hindsight so some details probaby are lost. (Due to severe consumation of alcohol that is).
I spent Christmas night with two of my closest friends, Bollocks and Luigi. Luigi was on a christmas leave from his AA-hostel, and Bollocks is always lieing around. We hadn´t get to buyt a turky, so we ate som delicious pasta carbonara Luigi made. Then we ate crumcakes and had tea while watching Miracle on 34th Street. At the end we both cried like fools.Then we called Lisa, wich was visiting her parents for the night. She said she looked forward to see me next evening ! At elleven I called for a cab to take Luigi back to the hostel. He was still very moved after the movie (Miracle on 34th street) and made me promise to always be his friend.I said that of course I would and then he sobbed again. When the cab was driving away he looke out trough the rear windows of the cab with eyes like a cocker spaniel, and dear diary, I felt really sorry for him.
After seeing the cab leaving I took Bollocks around the block and then home for some reruns of "Smith & Jones" on BBC 4.

I let Bollocks sleep on the sofa with me, Lisa wasn´t.



As you might know I´ve harboring strong feelings for Lisa, both sexual (especeially!),and emotional. This autumn I´ve had a much more relation towards her, and it´s been good for me (well that´s what Luigi says anyway.) All this was deatroyed this morning... I woke up quite early and had my cup of tea, walked Bollocks around the block, and the went to work earlier than ususal cuz the weather was so beautiful and springy´. When I came to The Darjeling i noticed there was loud music playin and I guessed it was Lisa that had arrived early. I went in to the café and there she was tying the laces on her. She had a white cotton sweater on, very tight so I could see the straps on her bra, and she wore jeans. Since she sat on her knee i could see her underwear, light green lace/broidered panties. She couldn´t hear me because of the music,so I looked like a madman at her second cleavage. Finally I shouted "Hi", and she turned around and smiled at me.

It´s been nearly 14 hours since this `incident´, and I still can´t get the sight off of my mind



Tomorrow I am starting on a crash-diet under Luigis strict supervision. First I start off with seven days of NO FOOD AT ALL ! According to Luigi it´s the best way to de-toxicate the body and start a healthier new life on day eight...The theory is that my body after about 24 hours will go into a ´rinse-mode` and the enzyms that usually goes to my stomach will spread in the bloodstream and literally cleanse the blood of all the waste that´s in it. Well, enough about dietting, I am off to take Bollockd for a walk around the block and then I´m gonna play Scrabble with Lisa.

Recap : Coming


Due to severe technical trouble on the computer at The Darjeling I haven`t been able to send Geir new entries from my diary. I will however send this in a bulk and then Geir will post here later.


Yours, as always,

Dev Singh

A lack of color


Luigi is still at the de-toxication center AA has in Oxford. Lisa and me had several meetings with the AA in our council and we came to the conclusion that we should hold an intervention on him (Luigi). Well, we did, and now we´re crossing ou fingers and hope he gets better.



Lisa and me are trying to locate places Luigi have hidden vodka and licorice-schnaps in his appartment. he claims he has forgotten, but we find it hard to believe. You shouuld never trust an alcoholic, thats what AA says anyway.
Luigis first AA meeting is tomorrow, I will follow him and see that he don´t skip out of it.
While walking Bollocks with Lisa last night, I noticed some people, mostly young men, staring at me with envy in their look. I really enjoyed letting them think we are a couple. (Me and Lisa that is, not me an Bollocks...)



Luigi admitted that he had turned into an alcoholic tonight! He was addicted to Absolut Lemon and licorice scnaps! He said he had turned to liqueur as an escape from gender confusion  !  This certainly explains a lot. So it turns out he is not a gay-in-the-closet, but a gender-confused-almost-bald italian waiter.

There was some crying and laughing and we, Lisa, Luigi and me, decided to enroll him into a AA-meeting ASAP! We chinked this  pact with a nice cup of licorice-schnaps. 

Later I caught him drinkin almost-see-through orangejuice, and when he went to the bath I tasted it and my suspections were affirmed. It was ca. 80% Absolut Lemon mixed with 20 % orange-juice. I didn´t know what to say, so I didn´t.

Luigi in trouble ?


Last night Lisa told me that she was afraid that Luigi had started drinking a little too much. I know it´s not that special in the business we work in, but it´s not a good thing though. According to Lisa he(Luigi) had appeared drunk at work at several occasins while I were in India, and one day he didn´t even show up - without any explanation. Thankfully Lisa is the manager at The Darjeeling, but she can´t protect him for too long.
I will have to talk with him tomorrow.

Back home


Well, I´m back in London neerly two weeks earlier than planned. And thank god for that ! When I went home to visit my family in India, it was because my father was supposedly ill. As it turned it was a misunderstanding. My father, Bakthev, claimed he only said he had a slight headache when we spoke on the telephone. I still think he said he was close to terminally ill, and that upset me quite much.
To make a long and boring story short ; my family had bought a new big house and needed some serious help moving the inventory from A to B. ( A being our old house and B being our new house )
I´m starting work in two weeks, so I will sleep over this weekend and maybe I´ll write some more then.



My father, Bakthev Singh, has become critically ill,(he´s not going to die...) so I will go back to India for the summer and help out at home. There will be no entrys on my blog for at least the 1st of august.
Have a nice summer !

Sincerely, Dev Singh !**

Life with Bollocks


It seems like Bollock is gonna stay with us. Large Clives auntie has been moved to a retiremnet home and they don´t accept dogs. Large Clive claims he hasn´t got the time or the inclination to take care of the canine, and that if it was up to him he´d bring it to "sleep" at the vet. I couldn´t face that so I guess me and Lisa is stuck with him. Lisa seems to like him and for there is a bonus too ; each night we take him for a walk around the quarter and I like to think of us as a couple walking the dog.
Since I am already rambling on about Lisa, I have taken notice of something about her. Her lips are qite thin and I don´t know how I feel about that... Then again when I saw her in her new summerdress yesterday, my jaws nearly dropped

More coming...

Fit as a ...couchpoatoe ?


Lisa has decided we need to get in better shape. All this coffe and bagels and newspapers are not good for our physique...We just walked in a fast pace (that´s what everybody does here) for an hour, and I am totally done. I knew I was in bad shape, but this was a shocker ! Halfway trough our session I asked Lisa if she knew CPR in case of a sudden heartattack. She said she could call a friend who knew if it was necessary.That was not as reassuring as I hoped for but what´s a foolish boy to do ?
I am gonna ask Luigi to start joining us too. I know for a fact that he knows CPR...

(CPR means Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

The return of Bollocks


When Christine kicked out Large Clive he had to get a new flat. He got one but it didn´t allow dogs. So when his aunt became sick again, and he had to take care of Bollocks he asked Christine if she could take care of him.She said no, and the next thing you know, Large Clive calls me. I couldn´t get myself to say no, so I said I would have to ask Lisa if it was ok. I crossed my fingers hoping for Lisa to say no, but she didn´t. So now I´m once again stuck with Bollocks.
As I write this he sits beside the telly and looks at me or Lisa. We can´t figure out whom he ´s looking at because of his lazy-eye. The dog has a nice character, but he looks like a maniac...

Just fantazising ?


Last night while we snuggled up in the sofa to watch re-runs of Bergerac, I could swear Lisa was showing feelings for me. She laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep before any murder was commited on this nights episode of Bergerac. The smell of her perfume, Chlöe, I think, made me feel dizzy and a bit aroused. I didn´t want her to wake, so I sat still and tried to fall asleep my self. The only thing that fell asleep was my arm, and I developed a heavy ache. Still I didn´t want her to wake so I repressed the pain.

At about two o´clock Lisa woke me with a whisper; "Dev, let´s go to bed..." I was so tired and my arm was still asleep so I went straight to bed. In hindsight, I can´t help but fantazise that what she meant with "let´s go to bed" - was exactly that !