Soho 11.nov.05

Worked with Lisa at Savage tonight. She looked even more beautiful than usual. Her hair was tied in a knot, she wore a knee-lenght skirt, and a cardigan with only one button right over her cleavage. The perfume she wears makes me dizzy and her lips make me wanna kiss her. After tonight, dear diary, I´m wondering if I am in love with her or just in lust ?!?   I am about to turn 21 now, and the only reason I´m not still a virgin is my half-cousin Neda and her experimentation with drugs. I was practically her slave for the 3 months I lived with her in Brighton. I still have mixed feelings for her. She´s pretty for her age (41) though...  I walked Lisa home after work and when we split she gave me a hug. That was only half an hour ago so the smell of her is still on me.                                                 Christine is already asleep and there is no sign of Large Clive. Thank God for that !

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