New week, new sheets

Saturday was very busy at Savage so I didn´t see much of Lisa. I even went home after her, so no good-night hug either. Sunday was off so me and Christine went out for brunch at 12 o´clock. We had a classic english meal ; eggs, bacon and sausages. It taste good but I swear I could feel my cholesterol level going up by 10 percent !  After finishing our tea we went for a stroll in Wisteria Park. Lots of happy people, familys, children feeding the ducks and me. I can´t say that I´m unhappy but I´m not happy either. I guess that´s what they call contempt ?  We then bought some newspapers and some magazines  at the BP station and went home. At around five Luigi came by to cut my hear and trim my underdeveloped beard. I now look like a very slim indian neo-nazi ! I am not pleased with my new hairdo but both Luigi and Christine says it looks very nice, yet I swear I heard them laughing as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror checking it out.  Just then uncle Tinder called. He wanted me to come over for tea. I wanted to say no but since the phone was on the speaker and Christine said I should go, I couldn´t. Tinder heard Christines voice and asked me to bring her too. I said I would if I could bring Luigi too. Uncle Tinder said : " Of course, the more the merrier, and I can´t stand to be alone with Pratiba". On the way over I told Christine and Luigi about Tinders habit of boiling eggs in the teawater. Luigi then insisted on buyign a caffe latte at Starbucks. When we were seated around the kitchen table at Tinder, Luigi had the nerve to mention the incident with the Big and Bouncy magazines. Luigi thought it was a funny story, but that´s because I didn´t tell him how angry Pratiba can be. Tinder went pale and Pratiba went out of the kitchen, without saying a word. We knew it was time to leave then. When we stood in the hallway Tinder asked if he could come with us. I guess none of us took it for nothing but a joke. But now I am not so sure. When we walke down the stairs, I looked up at Tinder and he looked dead scared.

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