Large Clive gets a career

Soho 16.nov.2005 

Large Clive has got himself a new job. He is about to sell training equipment !  And it´s not like he´s gonna sell to fitness-centers or something like that, no, he´ll be a doorseller! If Large Clive knocked at my door at 10 o`clock in the morning, and I didn´t knew who he was, I swear, I would never open the door. An overly sized man with a barbell in each hand, looking nervously to the left and the righ. I mean he´s just sooo big, and he looks like a "handsome" Neanderthal, if you can imagine that...

Anyway, Christine is dead happy he´s off social wages, cuz that´s not much to live on. She and Large Clive had dinner in the appartment last night to celebrate his new career, so when I came home from work at around elleven, they were kind of ready for ´dessert´, if you know what I mean. I took off to wander the streets again, and then went to Starbucks. I had two espressos, before realizing that meant I wouldn´t sleep very much tonight... Came home half an hour later, Christine sat in front of the tellly, and Clive had left. Christines cheeks were in a pink hue, so I knew they had had ´dessert´. I long for ´dessert´myself... And dear diary, you know what I mean !


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