Day off - woking weekend

Thursday was my day off, so I slept till 10 o´clock. I made some breakfast, and watched House Detectives on BBC2 while eating.  I then went out for som newspapers and coffee at Starbucks.  I was very tired today, and I had no plans for the remainings of the day.  I went to Wisteria Park, but it was quite cold today, so I went home.  When Christine came home from work we went to Sainsbury and shopped for dinner. She decided that she wanted to make me Chicken Tandoori, and I didn´t complain ! At oriund eight, while we were watching the telly, Large Clive came by. He was in a bad mood, as his first day as a salesman had resulted in zero sales ! His car was choke full of traingequipment, and apparently, so is his flat.  I looked sadly and empathetic at him , but inside I was laughing ! Ha ha !  A gorilla as a salesman, what does he expect ?

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