Soho 21.nov.05

 Worked all weekend, and it was very busy at Savage this weekend, so I am very, very tired. Today I planned on sleeping, but Large Clive woke me up at around 9 o´clock. ( I went to bed at 04.00 in the morning ) . He said : " Sorry Dev, but I don´t wanna go to work today." I said : " And why is that ? "  Large Clive said : " People don´t take me seriousy".  I was a bit baffled so I didn´t reply to this. Then he said ; "Do you take me seriously ? " I lied and said : "Of course I do." He seemed to believe this and asked if I wanted some tea. I got out of bed and had a quick shower while he made tea and toasted some bread. We sat together in complete silence, and eventually he said :"I guess I have to try and sell some equipment... ". I just nodded, and we kept on bonding for another ten minutes. Then he got up and said : " Don´t tell Christine about this conversation, please ? " He looked at me with eyes like a cocker spaniel. I said ; " Of course not."  And then he smiled. I am still shellshocked. Is Large Clive a human after all ?

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