Romancing in the kitchen

Becky , the new kitchen assistant at Savage gave me "the look" to day. I think.  Kitchen assistant actually means dishing, dishing and dishing. She has only worked here for a week, and today I caught her looking at me while I was preparing veal. When she saw that I saw her looking she turned away, blushing. Could it be the ten push-ups I do every other sunday, that´s finally paing off ? Maybe I should start doing som sit-ups in addition ? Luigi has also noticed her looking at me, he said : " Don´t flatter your self kid, she is just amused by your Indian-Princess-Diana-look " . I think he´s just jealous because his lazy eye isn´t very attracting, and no one at Savage has ever seen him with a woman. And he has been working here for eight years !  Large Clive made his first sale yesterday so he spent the bonus ( £ 5,40 ) on flowers and a cheap champagne to Christine. I asked what he had sold and he said : " I convinced this old lady that she needed a full set of barbells to fight off her reumatism ! " Again, dear diary, I had no reply. The poor woman was probably so scared of Large Clive that she´d buy anything he had to offer.

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