Christines flat

Soho 06.nov.05

Finally ! This afternoon I moved in to Christines flat. She´ll let me sleep in the cupboard. It´s not totally Harry Potter living under the stairs, but it´s close. All my belongings fit in one big box so the actual moving went fast. Me and Christine took her car to Ikea and bought a new matress, and some new pillows for me. Later, when we ate spaghetti in her kitchen, her boyfriend ´Large Clive`, came by. He looked a bit upset and said , " Christine, you didn´t inform me that you had a flatmate ?" Christine said, " It´s only Dev", as though I were an eunuch. " We´re in separate beds..." I left the room, but heard Clive say, " Christine, what do you see in him ?" She replied, " I like intellectual men.Theres more to live than sex, Clive" Large Clive said, " Is there ? " He sounded genuinely surprised.

I must say, dear diary, that the last thing I´d want is a "menage á troi", Christines ancles and wrist are way to thin. Before I went to sleep I had to call my uncle Tinder and tell him to shut off the electric heater beside his bed. There has been more than one near-fire-accident when his  duvet has covered the oven during the night. I hate Tinder, but he is family...

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