Soho 07.nov.05

Christine had a nightmare last night. She forced me to lie beside her on her sleepingcouch.  For several weeks, my penis has gone off me. It has seemed to be living it´s own life, or rather, not living it´s own life latetly. Last night it came to life again so I was forced to lie with my back against Christine.  I couldn´t sleep either, because I was dead worried  ´Large Clive´would come sneaking.  
At work things was as usual. Luigi was cooling his feet in the sink ( I pray he hasn´t got any fungus) and  Lisa was her usual delightful self. She is the only woman I have ever loved. She refuses to wear a uniform, she prefer to use her own dresses while serving. With her semi-high heels her breast are even more accentuated. Her breasts are nice and very firm, and the perfume she uses makes me both dizzy, and I dear say, kind of exited.  When I look at her for too long I feel a tingle in my penis, and dear diary, I have to say, it feels good.
Tinder came by at the restaurant and wondered if I would come to dinner at some indian friends. I told a him a lie about working overtime, but I promised to stop by and have a cup of tea at his place tomorrow.
Tea with a taste of egg, I guess.


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