Slooooow day at work

Another slow day at work. It was a total og 17 customers today. That means a total of 3,54 pound in tip. Hooray! O joy ! Happy day! Enough  of the sarcasm... Luigi offered to cut my hair and give me a shave today ; " You shouldn´t have to look like a bleedin´ indian Princess Diana on testosteron ! " I was too shocked to say anything, so he took my silence as a yes, and tomorrow he´s bringing his home-hairdresser-kit. Lisa had her day off today so there was not a single shred of light at work today. At home Christine had some alarming news for me; " Dev, Clive is getting a bit jealeous, to say the least. Can´t you tell him that you don´t look at me as a sex-object ?  I think that would calm him down a bit." I said " Well of course I can, I surely don´t look at you as a possible sex-partner". She went kind of sour then and turned on the tv. I must have done somehing wrong, though honestly dear diary, I don´t know what ?  There was a wall of silence between us so I took to the streets and wandered around for a good hour and a half before I snook in to my cupboard and went to sleep. Woke up at 01.20 am in panic and called Tinder to tell him to shut of the oven besides his bed. He didn´t thank me. One of these days I will stop reminding him.

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