Am I an allergic ?!

Last night Christine handed me two small, blue pills she had been given by Large Clive. She said : ´Clive said you should popp these pills and you would wake up as healthy-feeling as a newborn baby`.I didn´t comment on that, but I thought to myself that this could mean, A ; Clive wants me out of the way, wich I know is a bit paranoid, or B ; Clive actually wants me to get better after our bonding last week. I chose to believe the latter, popped the pills and woke up today, after 17 hours og continous sleep with a smile on my face ! I DO feel like a newly born ! In the shower I noticed some pimples on my arms, right under the wrists. I instantly took this as a sign of after-effect from the pills Large Clive gave me. I visited a Pharmacy this afternoon, and the woman I spooke with said I probably was allergic to flour, potatoes and/or pasta. Just my luck ! I have spaghetti 5 out of 7 days of the week...Now I have to try to eat a lot of vegetables and fish. I guess that ain´t bad, but I am a spaghettiaddict ! Working with Lisa this weekend, finally something to cheer me up !

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