Happy new year! ( sort of...)

Soho 01.01.06 

Woke up today in Luigis bathroom with a dead corpse in my mouth. Or so it felt at least...  A blacksmith was hard at work inside my forehead and there was puke all over my clothes. And the bathroom, and the sink. I took of all my clothes and cleaned the bathroom, then checked to see how Luigi felt. Luigi obvously wasn´t at home, but Lisa was hard asleep on the sofa by the telly. She was covered in an enormous plaid. I let her sleep and snook out the door and went home. At home I took another shower, made a pot of tea and sat down in front of the telly. Christine is in Birmingham with Large Clive and won´t be home until tuesday. BBC was doing re-runs of Jack Frost and I was quite pleased with that. Will write more tomorrow.

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