Fed up...

Been working 9 to 5 ( litteraly ! ) for two and a half weeks.  Me, Lisa, Luigi and Becky practically  handles everything here at Savage now, with Savage, the owner, away on sick leave. A sexually loaded game has developed between me and Becky. She give me "the look" all the time and I look back at her, saying with my eyes ; "I want you ! ". But that´s how far we´ve come.  I´ve meant to ask her out on a date, but everytime I am about to ask her, I get cold feet because of her hairy arms. I know it shouldn´t be an issue, but it is ! And I also have a problem not knowing her breastsize ! She always wear XL- sweaters so I really can´t see her figure, and I do have a fix on big breasts ! I´ve actually spent quite some time with Lisa, but I don´t have any hopes at all with her when it comes to sex. Luigi says she likes me because she thinks I´m gay !?  And honestly, dear diary, I don´t care as long as I get to spend time with her.

I am going to visit my uncle Tinder now.I will tell you about that later.  

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