"Weekend at Tinders"

I was invited to an Indian party at Tinders house this weekend and was allowed to bring a date. I accepted the invitation and hoped this would be the right time to ask Becky on a date. Of course she had to work so instead I brought Luigi as my "partner". When we arrived, Tinder and Pratiba was very upset since I brought a male friend, eventually I convinced them that we weren´t gay lovers. They seemed to relax a bit more then.

It must have been close 50 people at the party and it started out pretty well. Luigi overwhelmed all the sari-clad women with his wit and charm, and I was talking with Tinder about football (I know nothing about it )  and life in general (...don´t know much about that either). Past midnight Tinder came into a bitter dispute with his brother Pinter, who is a Sikh teacher in Birmingham, over a womans place in the family. I must say that this changed my view on Tinder a bit. He sounded like a leftist and I liked that. The arguement lasted till aboy 3 o´clock at night when most of the guest said goodbye and went home. Luigi and me slept over in the guestroom next to Tinder and Pratiba, while Tinders brother Pinter, and his wife slept on the sofa in the livingroom. They had to get up at six o´clock in the morning to drive to Birmingham and open their greengrocery at 10 o´clock.

I was woken at precisely six o´clock by the sound of  Pinters rusten Ford Escort refusing to start. I know I should have gone down in the street and help them to push it, but Pinters wife seemed to be doing alright on her own. It must be all of those sacks of potatoes and cabbage she has been carrying around at their grocery shop. Tinder and Pratiba wisely pretended to be asleep, but I knew they were awake cuz I could hear laughter comin from their bedroom, and when Pinters Ford Escort came to live I distinctly heard the sound of a champagne cork popping and the chink of glasses. Not to mention the loud `Cheers ! ´


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