Leo Savage

Soho 08.01.06
Leo Savage, the owner of Savage - my workplace, came to visit today. He is on heavy medication due to a skindecease. All the cortizon made him looke like a stuffed sausage. I know for a fact cuz she told me and Luigi one night after work, when he had invited her out All my sexual fantasies are centered around Beckie, just in case something will happen, but seeing Lisa in her light-green dress, her bussom and the perfume she wears, still make my loins hurt Even Luigi, whonever has shown interest in any woman, thinks she is a "marvellous lady".He has never shown any interest in me though ... My luck I guess. He´s not the average, tv-show gay, looking smooth and with high cheekbones. He actually looks more like a young, sex-starved  Woody Allen, without the glasses !

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