As you might know I´ve harboring strong feelings for Lisa, both sexual (especeially!),and emotional. This autumn I´ve had a much more relation towards her, and it´s been good for me (well that´s what Luigi says anyway.) All this was deatroyed this morning... I woke up quite early and had my cup of tea, walked Bollocks around the block, and the went to work earlier than ususal cuz the weather was so beautiful and springy´. When I came to The Darjeling i noticed there was loud music playin and I guessed it was Lisa that had arrived early. I went in to the café and there she was tying the laces on her. She had a white cotton sweater on, very tight so I could see the straps on her bra, and she wore jeans. Since she sat on her knee i could see her underwear, light green lace/broidered panties. She couldn´t hear me because of the music,so I looked like a madman at her second cleavage. Finally I shouted "Hi", and she turned around and smiled at me.

It´s been nearly 14 hours since this `incident´, and I still can´t get the sight off of my mind

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