Christmas letter

I am writing this in hindsight so some details probaby are lost. (Due to severe consumation of alcohol that is).
I spent Christmas night with two of my closest friends, Bollocks and Luigi. Luigi was on a christmas leave from his AA-hostel, and Bollocks is always lieing around. We hadn´t get to buyt a turky, so we ate som delicious pasta carbonara Luigi made. Then we ate crumcakes and had tea while watching Miracle on 34th Street. At the end we both cried like fools.Then we called Lisa, wich was visiting her parents for the night. She said she looked forward to see me next evening ! At elleven I called for a cab to take Luigi back to the hostel. He was still very moved after the movie (Miracle on 34th street) and made me promise to always be his friend.I said that of course I would and then he sobbed again. When the cab was driving away he looke out trough the rear windows of the cab with eyes like a cocker spaniel, and dear diary, I felt really sorry for him.
After seeing the cab leaving I took Bollocks around the block and then home for some reruns of "Smith & Jones" on BBC 4.

I let Bollocks sleep on the sofa with me, Lisa wasn´t.

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