Buzy / lazy...whatever

I´ve been busy at work this week and so I haven´t had time to write any entries in my diary. Job is starting to bore me, and I have no progress with Becky. Not that I´m trying to hard - I can barely keep my eyes off Lisa when we work together ! If I don´t get to have sex anyday soon I think I am gonna explode ! Selfgratification is overvalued in mye opinion. Christine and Large Clive is on holdiay in Cardiff, Wales. ( Two degrees minus, fog and living at a hotel called ´Twarffentwynee´). Luigi and me had a Clint Eastwood marathon on wednesday. Three films, two Dirty Harry, wich were quite cool, and one where played against a monkey (!). Suddenly I had no respect for the man... I am saving for a cheapo DVD-player, mainly because the videostore is totally DVD based. Clint Eastwood and Sir Alec Guinness are the only one they have left on VHS, so I guess next time we´ll have an Alec Guiness marathon ( ... )

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