Best mates ; Large Clive and Dev ?!?

Large Clive and me had another bonding session last night. While watching EastEnders on BBC, out of nowhere he started to talk about his relationship to Christine. " You know, Dev, I am eleven years older than her, and that shouldn´t matter, but she is too demanding for me at the moment ! " I didn´t know what to say.partly because I didn´t know what he was jibbering about, and partly cause I thought I knew exactly what he was talking about, if you know what I mean dear diary. He continued ; " I know a lad shouldn´t complain, but 4-5 times a week is just too much for me...." . Again, dear diary, I didn´t know what to say, so I kept my mouth shut and nodded symphatetically, as if I understood his dilemma. He kept talking about this for quite some time and when he was done, he went to the fridge and got us booth a can of cooke. Then he said; " You´re a good mate, Dev..." I smiled back at him and you could practically her the violins playing in the background.

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