Once upon a time in India...

Dev-portrait.jpgVisited uncle Tinder on friday, and he had scanned some photos into his computer. I had to watch all of them, and did my best to act like I was interested. Actually I found this picture of me as a lad in Calcutta with my friend Bakthar. Thank God I don´t need to wear glasses anymore. From looking at the picture and the size and thickness of the glasses, one might think that I was close to blind, but it was just my mothers bad taste for glasses I guess. Today my sight is excellent, though sometimes I have to squint a bit when I´m solving x-words in the Times.  Anyway, dear diary, the best thing when visitting uncle Tinder and Pratiba is to eat Pratibas dinners. She makes the best Chicken Tandoori ever ! It taste so good that I can stand listening to Tinder talking about his friends, who he thinks are all major failures.

Later me and Large Clive went to the cinema and watched a movie called Brokeback Mountain. It was about two cowboys nurturing homosexual feelings for each other. I enjoyed the movie, but Large Clive didn´t get it i think. He jsut said it was boring, and never mentioned the homosexual context of the movie. He is a homophobic, not an extreme, but a bit like this ; " It´s ok just as long as they stay away from me !"
Well, dear Clive, that won´t be a problem unless they ( any gay ) have a penchant for large men without a single straw of intellectual DNA in his body !  Ha ha !


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