Soho 03.20.06

Lisa and me both applied for vacant jobs at ´The Darjeeling´ today. We meant to go as a team together with Luigi, but he didn´t show up and his cellphone was shut off. The woman who interviewed us was very nice and polite, and promised to call us by wednesday. ´The Darjeling´is more like a tea-bar with bagels an juice, and of course, coffe. Lisa is known to be a very good barista (?) so I think she will be hired anyway. I am not so sure about me though... In the middle of the interview I had to excuse myself and run out of the café to tell Bollocks to stop barking! I promised that I woulf never bring him to work and she smiled and said ; "that´s probably a good idea. If you get the job." I smiled and when we shook adieu Bollocks started barking at a dog across the street, so I ran out and was just sooo close of kicking him about on the street. I managed my anger and took him for a walk in the park. I am having Chicken Tandoori today. The bird-flu can´t be that deadly anyway ? Eh ? Sometimes you just have to live on the edge !

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