Between jobs

Well, Lisa and me got the positions at ´The Darjeeling, and we´ll start working prio April 1st. I look forward to that.

This weekend I am gonna help Large Clive moving his stuff in with me and Christine. Talk about being the fifth (or third, if you like) wheel on the wagon. They asked me if it was ok for me, and I was stupid enough to smile and say yes.  First it was Bollocks, and now Large Clive. What´s next ? His mother ? God, I don´t hope so !  I had to air my frustration so I let it out on Lisa while drinking tea at ´The Darjeling´. She said; " You must learn to speak up for your self, Dev. Just be honest, not always  so damn polite." She then asked me if I could work friday night for her, and I said yes even though I had planned a trip to cinema.

How I feel about LC moving in :


Big-screen TV

Works many weeknights

Cheaper rent and food


He simply takes up to much space...

Noisy while finishing intercourse. ( I´ve heard it with my own ears !)

Hygiene ?

Big-screen TV ( On all night ?)

Large Clive AND Bollocks at once can be over the top 



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