Christine managed to drag me along to one of her Pilates classes the other day.  I wouldn´t have mind if she told me in advance that the class consisted of 24 women , age 19 to 60, because I felt a bit out of place. The class started out with some soft movements and positions, it reminded me of yoga ( wich I know nothing of ) and it seemed fun. Then after about  15 minutes we should try a position the instructor dubbed "the windtunnel". As we bent over and to the side I didn´t quite get what it was with this movement that should resemble a " windtunnel". 10 seconds later I knew. First the woman behind me let out a loud fart, then, like a chainreaction,  almost all the others did the same !! How they laughed !  Me, well, I was disgusted and pretended I had to run to the toilet. I didn´t come back, dear diary, the thought of the smell kept me out.In fact I am never going back !

Drank tea with Lisa at "our" new hangout café ´The Darjeling´. I am not only in love with her, I am also in lusrt with her !!! That´s the awful truth, dear diary. 

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