So busy

Soho march 17 2006

A lot has happened since I last wrote to Geir. First and foremost, I am moving out from Christine and Large Clive, and I am moving in with  *drumroll*  Lisa ! The craziest part is that it all was Lisas suggestion. I might have been complaining too much about having Large Clive in "our" appartment, but I never imagined Lisa would propose mevo move in with her!

I now have my own sleeping room, and I can actually place all my worldly goods in it, wich maybe not very telling ab out the room, cuz I have so few possesions. Actually I could put all my belongings in eight R-kive moving boxes.

No matter how much I love Christine in a sibling-ish way, I so prefer Lisa. Lisa never leaves her used Always Ultra in a thin sheet of toiletpaper on the sink. Christine did, and it´s not a very nice habbit, dear diary.

Will write more soon, but now I am off to eat dinner with Luigi, (still in the closet). 

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