Nigella, part II

asset_282_hl.jpgWhy did I have to think about Nigella again ?  I´ve now developed a full blown obsession of her ! Yesterday I even went by an internet-café to check out her web-site... There are some nice pictures of here in the Gallery section. Maybe Geir could post a picture of her in my diary ? Why I am having this obessesion ? Well, I guess it must be my close-to-non-existing sex-life that drives me insane. The only sex I´ve had for a ages is with myself, but then again, as Woody Allen says ; "...masturbation is sex with someone you really love".

On top of my Nigella hang-up, Lisa cut her hair yesterday. It´s way shorter, and she looks even more dashing now than ever !

Why isn´t there any eunuch-genes in my body !?  

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