One of the best parts about the new job is taht we only work until 6 o´clock on saturdays. Right after work Lisa and me met up with Luigi and had a dinner at the Napoletana, an italian restaurant.  Luigi has been complaining about the new colleagues at ´Savage, so Lisa wanted to lift his spirit and take him out for italian food. We all had pasta prime vera and tiramisu for dessert. After that we drank an obscene amount of white-wine. Luigi then decided he had to tell us a big secret. I thought he finally would climb out of the closet and admit that he was gay, and I knew Lisa was thinking the exact same. We have been talking about behind his back. But that was not his secret; " I am not Italian..." He said. "My mother is from Cornwall, and my father is supposedly a gypsy. My mother have always loved anything Italian so she called me Luigi. It´s on my bith-certificate." Well, dear diary there was not much to say so we went home to Luigis apartment. Luigi passed out quite soon, so me and Lisa shared two bottles of Chablis while we were watching "The Detectives" on BBC. At 2 am we put Luigi to bed and shared a cab back to Lisas place. I couldn´t afford a cab the rest of the way home so I walked. It only took me an hour...

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