Soho may 17 

A lot has happened the last two weeks. Luigi has joyned us at The Darjeling, and he has moved in with Christine. Christine has kicked out Large Clive, because he have had an affair with a customer for two months.
The same evennig he got kicked out he called me and asked if we could ´talk`. Once again I couldn´t get myself to say no, so he came over at The Darjeling and cried his heart out.Literally. Before I even could pour him some tea he started sobbing and claimed that his life was over. It was very dramatic and dare I say, pathetic. Of course, I didn´t dare saying that to him... "My life is nothing without her" and other clichés ran out of him. After an hour or so he felt a bit better and I promised to stay in touch (why, oh why am I such a softie ?). Thank god he didn´t talk about killing himself...

Lisa is the new manager at The Darjeling, so now I live with my boss wich I adore, love and lust after! I find her even more attractive now that she´s my boss... 

I´ve also increased my training schedule. I now take 40 sit-ups every sunday ! That must have an effect ?! 

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