Just fantazising ?

Last night while we snuggled up in the sofa to watch re-runs of Bergerac, I could swear Lisa was showing feelings for me. She laid her head on my shoulder and fell asleep before any murder was commited on this nights episode of Bergerac. The smell of her perfume, Chlöe, I think, made me feel dizzy and a bit aroused. I didn´t want her to wake, so I sat still and tried to fall asleep my self. The only thing that fell asleep was my arm, and I developed a heavy ache. Still I didn´t want her to wake so I repressed the pain.

At about two o´clock Lisa woke me with a whisper; "Dev, let´s go to bed..." I was so tired and my arm was still asleep so I went straight to bed. In hindsight, I can´t help but fantazise that what she meant with "let´s go to bed" - was exactly that !

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