Luigi admitted that he had turned into an alcoholic tonight! He was addicted to Absolut Lemon and licorice scnaps! He said he had turned to liqueur as an escape from gender confusion  !  This certainly explains a lot. So it turns out he is not a gay-in-the-closet, but a gender-confused-almost-bald italian waiter.

There was some crying and laughing and we, Lisa, Luigi and me, decided to enroll him into a AA-meeting ASAP! We chinked this  pact with a nice cup of licorice-schnaps. 

Later I caught him drinkin almost-see-through orangejuice, and when he went to the bath I tasted it and my suspections were affirmed. It was ca. 80% Absolut Lemon mixed with 20 % orange-juice. I didn´t know what to say, so I didn´t.

Designer, koder og skriver. Tar oppvasken for å vaske opp.