I´ve developed a bad habit watching om Lisas computer at night. I esecially enjoy digging for musicvideos, and about aweek ago I stumbled upon the song "Electrical Storm" with irish group U2. The video is featuring the beautiful Samantha Morton ( I found her name after some intense searching on Google). She is so beautiful and I´ve got a crush on hger, much like I had with Nigella... I still have this fear of dying young (and neary a virgin) so I am considering to go to sleep with the first woman I meet that is willing and able ! This, I guess, excludes Lisa, but the new girl at The Darjeling, Wendy, has shown a great deal of interest in me. (Lisa says) She has wonderful breasts and is quite pretty I think, so what more could I ask for ? Well, dear diary, I lack the courage to ask her out. I might have to ask Lisa to do it for me, but that wouldn´t be very "manly" ?

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