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In bed with the Flu
I am still in bed with a heave iteration of the Flu. I must admit, dear diary, that I am a teeny, weeny worried about the Avian Flu that´s going around. Does it mean that I have to drop eating Chicken Massala, Chicken Tandoori or Chicken in Curry ??  If so I am gonna starve, cuz that´s all I eat at the moment. Exept from chips with extra vinegar and salt from the booth around the corner, I can feel my arteries clogging up...  For the last week me and Christine have been drinking one or wo minibottles of Moét & Chandon each, every evening. It was Large Clive who gave us a truckload of them, he probably got it as payment from some customer. This means I´m now so used to go sleep with alcohol in my blood, that when we run out of Moét & Chandon we have to stock new supplies ! 

Status : I am sick with the flu ( not the Avian - I am dead worried about it tough...) , I drink myself to sleep, I am still a semi-virgin, and I am possibly on the verge of being a fully fledged alcoholic !

(Still no progress with Becky. Grrrr !  )


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