Macs to ship with Vista ?

Here´s my five cents on what Apple wants to achieve by launching Boot Camp...

One quite common theory is that Apple wants to lure Windows users to buy a Mac that can run both XP and OSX and by experiencing how superior OSX is make them permanent switchers. This implies that it´s Microsoft Apples going after. I think that´s wrong. Apples going after Dell and HP ! I actually think Macs eventually will be shipped with Windows XP or Vista (2009 ?) as well as OSX, of course. Apple will introduce even cheaper all-in-one Macs and start making inrods in the lucrative corporate market. Macs are close to non-existent in the corporate world today. Apple will be the only supplier that can sell computers that can run any OS,  Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. Hardware is where the money is for Apple and this will be an innsanely great (pun intented) way for Apple to make growth in marketshare. One problem might be that developers will stop developing for Mac OSX, and just focus on Windows, since they know anyone with a Mac can run windows too. I´m not very afraid of this, but it could happen. Will that be a problem for Apple ? I don´t think so. Actually I think Apple is keen on being an even bigger software than it is today. Look what they have done with the iLife suite for the home user and Final Cut Studio and Aperture film/video and pro-photographers. This will allow Apple to turn two tricks at once; Keep it going like today, as a high end deliverer, developing OSX and their own applications. And they can start selling dual booting machines to the corporate world.

 A WORK IN PROGRESS !!  Next update Wednesday 19

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