Dev Singh introdusjon

I do look forward moving out from my uncle Tinders flat. Last night we had a row again. And once again, dear diary, it was because I refused to boil the eggs IN the teawater. Tinder thinks it´s a brilliant idea boiling the eggs in the same water I´m using for tea.This way, he says, he uses less gas.

Eventually I chose to go out for dinner, and left Tinder with his egg-tasting Darjeling tea. This was also my first day off work in nearly three weeks. It looks like it will be some time till I get to drive the taxi again. The owner of the cab-company, Mr.Hayes,  doesn´t seem to be very pleased with me. I´m sorry but I just can´t find it in my heart to always take the longest route from A to B. It must be my hindu-upbringing that still affects me.

Thursday nigt Helen Fielding visited ”Savage”, The restaurant where I work as a chef. I wanted ask her about Bridget Jones, that high strung girl from Helen Fieldings books, but I didn´t have the courage to approach her. But I got inspired, so now I will end my diary with some statistics, just like Bridget Jones did.


Sex : 0 units

Alcohol : 1 unit

Pills : 2 units (with the alcohol unit to curw mye headache)

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Geir Werner Hagen