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The apostrophe


  The teacher’s book (one teacher)
  The students’ essays (several students)

Use  ’s  after plural nouns that don’t end in s:

  people’s rights; children’s toys

Use the apostrophe alone after plural nouns that end in s:

  the neighbours’ house

Use an apostrophe in time constructions such as:

  eight weeks’ time; two weeks’ leave

Do not use the apostrophe in possessive pronouns: hers, its, yours, etc.

Do not use the apostrophe in year dates: the 1960s, the 1990s

As a general rule, do use ’s after names that end with an s or z sound:

  Marx’s; Charles’s; Jones’s; Davis’s

If it is awkward to pronounce, then leave off the final s.
Classical names don’t use the final s:

  Herodotus’; Erasmus’ 




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